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Long lost Web Czarina is back and she’s got results! I’ll be posting the final results from Gwinett and the Pepper Place Crit here shortly. Also, we will post the final series results once I get a list from USCF of all your crazy cats who have upgraded to Cat 3!

Thanks for your patience. ūüôā


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Pepper Place Crit!

Here at ALGABRA we’re so excited about the Pepper Place Crit, we can hardly contain ourselves! An $8,000 purse including HUGE cash primes, separate women’s races (Pro 1/2 and Category 3/4), and an incredible venue – what more couldya want?! There is also rumor of a $100 (that’s right, $100) Cat 4 prime. WOW!

Check out the flyer and come on down to Birmingham on September 8th for some HOT HOT racing.

Pepper Place Crit Flyer

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Hunstville Spring City Cycling Classic Results

Results are available for the Spring City Cycling Classic. There were a lot of Cat 4s who participated – thanks for your support! Standings have been updated to reflect this race.

Road Race
1 – Beth Santoro
2 – Amy Gravlee
3 – Andrea Creasy
4 – Gillis Rowston
5 – Lois England
6 – Amy Amara
7 – Denise Verity
8 – Meridith Grimsley
9 – Sally Gonder
10 – Alexandria Miller

1 – Andrea Creasy
2 – Beth Santoro
3 – Amy Gravlee
4 – Brooke Henderson
5 – Missy Goebel

Hill Climb TT
1 – Meridith Grimsley

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Victory is Sweet


Gwyneth Lodge and Amy Lang celebrate their 1-2 victory at Gwinnett. Photo courtesy of Sarah Crawford.

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Huntsville was a huge success!¬† Thanks¬† to the Spring City Cycling Club for putting on a fabulous race weekend.¬† Their support of women’s racing and especially cat4s was greatly appreciated!¬† The courses were interesting & safe, the volunteers were friendly & encouraging, and the whole weekend was FUN.¬† Next year will be even bigger & better.¬† Stay tuned–results will be posted soon!

The Gwinnett Bike Fest is underway!¬† It’s not too late to race–day of registration is still available.¬† Details on the remaining races are at:¬† http://www.gcvb.org.¬† There was a fabulous turn out for last night’s race on the Atlanta Motor Speedway.¬† How cool (and painful!) was it to race on the race track?!?¬† Full results will be posted soon.

Breaking news!  ALL Cat4s participating in any of the Gwinnett Bike Fest races this weekend will receive shwag courtesy of Sorella Cycling.  Stop by at the registration area to get some goodies.  Thank you Sorella Cycling!!!

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You Really Gotta Race in Huntsville!

We have just heard from the race director of the Spring City Classic in Huntsville this weekend. She is very excited to be a part of our series and wanted to encourage all Cat 4 women to come out and race! To further entice you, here are several items of interest:

  • Cat 4 women will either race together with Cat 3s or will have their own field (TBD based on Pro 1/2 field size)
  • There is a SPECIAL OMNIUM PRIZE for the top Cat 4 woman – this is so cool! A Shimano WHR500 Wheel Set and Tires from Madison Cycles and a Floor pump from Homewood Cycles in Birmingham.
  • The late fee has been waived, so you can race all 3 events for $75, even on race day! There is $617 in prize money for Cat 3/4 women, which is HUGE!

Let’s show the Spring City Cycling Club how much we appreciate their support of women’s cycling!

Find all race info here: http://www.springcity.org/race/2007/index.shtml

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Standings Updated

Standings have been updated to include Sprott Individual and Team TTs, and the GA Games RR and Crit.

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GA Games Road Race and Crit

Congratulations to the women who raced at the Georgia Games Road Race and Crit. Here are the results:

1 – Rose Mauney
2 – Jennie May
3 – Amy Lang
4 – Elizabeth Lee
5 – Gillis Rowston
6 – Olympia Fahie

Road Race
1 – Amy Lang
2 – Elizabeth Lee
3 – Jennie May
4 – Mary Jones
5 – Rose Mauney
6 – Gillis Rowston
7 – Adrianne Murray
8 – Olympia Fahie

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Congratulations, Michelle Scharf and Dana Martin!

Congratulations to Michelle Scharf and Dana Martin, who recently made the leap to Category 3. They have both raced very well this season and we wish them well in the Pro 1/2/3 peloton!

Michelle and Dana get 100 bonus points each, and a Jittery¬†Joe’s mug! They¬†are now no longer eligible to earn points towards the series.

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Spring City Classic Added!

We’ve added another great race, the Spring City Classic in Huntsville, AL. The weekend starts with a new Road Race course in New Hope, AL and later in the day challenges riders with an uphill (they’re not kidding) TT on Keel Mountain. Sunday brings the downtown criterium in beautiful Huntsville, AL.

The promotors of this race have done a great job letting us know that they care about women’s cycling! They have separate fields for Cat 3/4 and Pro 1/2. Let’s go support them and show them how much we appreciate their efforts!


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